HORTUS STUDIO is a womenswear label that is all about celebrating what we love most, authenticity. Our ethos is to be wholesome, modest and natural. We draw our inspiration from nature, simplicity and slow life. Our wardrobe essentials are distinguished by timeless elegance and voluminous silhouettes, stimulating creative expression and free movement.

The fabrics are chosen with great care and consideration of their low carbon footprint, their longevity and ability to adapt to different weather conditions. We design with the intent that our styles don’t become disposable with the changing of seasons.

We work in close partnership with our Indonesian manufacturers. Small family owned companies who grew to understand our slow label ethos and required quality standards. They gladly conform to our desire to manufacture market driven quantities in a joined effort to reduce the impact of overproduction on our planet. We continually invest in educating ourselves and everyone involved with the label to make sure the growth and development of Hortus Studio goes hand in hand with our ethics and life values anticipating a ripple effect of positive impact that goes beyond us.